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logo for the Butterflyway Project

‘The Butterflyway Project is a volunteer-led movement that is growing habitat for bees and butterflies in neighbourhoods throughout Canada.’

The Butterflyway Project is the David Suzuki Foundation’s award-winning project led by Butterflyway Rangers and helped by volunteers. Its objective is to create native habitats and pollinator patches for local bees and butterflies in public and private spaces. These habitats support butterfly migration routes and are crucial to pollinator survival.

I am a Butterflyway Ranger, and with my team, we are creating native habitats in our yards as well as in two public spaces. I also do garden tours and presentations to local garden clubs, community associations, and even book clubs, to educate people on the need to create native habitats in our yards as well as public spaces. I also use my artwork as an educational tool.

- All the gardens are works in progress

My Garden

front yard of a native butterfly garden

Front Yard

back garden of a native butterfly garden

Back Yard

Butterflyway Garden at the
Gaetz Brook Greenway

butterfly garden at Gaetz Brook Greenway
Diane Lucas and the Gaetz Brook Greenway butterflyway garden sign

Bennett Park

Butterflyway garden in Bennett Park, Mineville
Joe Pye Weed in the butterflyway garden in Mineville, Bennett park
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