"Wonderful Illustrator.
I have written five children's books, and Diane Lucas has illustrated them all.

She worked with my daughter to finish one, and it was exactly what I had in

mind. Since then, the last four books have been collaborative and worked

through with Diane's help.
She captures the words in illustrations in a unique and creative way. I would

recommend her talent to anyone!"

Linda Clarke Sheehan




 "Diane did an amazing job for my book series.


I would definitely hire her again."

Sharon Tosten




  "Diane is a highly creative illustrator that provides beautifully detailed illustrations for my book

Willowmeena Worm. She is punctual at each step of the process and kept me informed during the

process. I highly recommend her and hope to use her again in the near future."

Alfreda Henry





                                     "If you are looking for an illustrator that is professional, creative, and responsive, look no                                                       further. I couldn't be more delighted with Diane's illustrations for my first children's book.                                                         Working with Diane was the best experience!"

                                                                     Wendy Lewis - Children's Author



    "Diane provided me with a colorful, vivid, and realistic illustrations.

She created illustrations for my book "It's Time for Holi!" I sent her images

and she was able to capture details and intricacies that were to the highest

standards. I highly recommend her!"

                 Dr. Amita Roy Shah - Educator. Author. Entrepreneur.





                                        "Diane is a talented illustrator whose artwork brought the characters in my children's book

                                        to life. Her illustrations illuminated the story and were ...more."

                                                                       Umbreen Asghar - Children's Author



    "Diane is a talented artist who

was able to translate my words

into beautiful illustrations."

Rose Eyres - Substitute teacher/writer

at Gardena Valley Christian School

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